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Welcome to The ORACLE of DREAMS

The Oracle was not created to generate a profit but rather as a community focused project and an homage to the dream of the old internet. It will never collect your data and will always be ad-free.

how to use the oracle

Quite simply the oracle consists of a series of half hidden links that once found and clicked on will generate a divination randomly chosen from a collection of insights, advice and wisdom.

Suggested use: A good way to begin is to start at the well in the center of the front page. Focus on your situation and think of a question that, when answered, will help you better understand your situation. You can click on the well and then write out your query in the space provided. Or just quietly think about your situation. Whatever works for you.

Then go out and explore the world of the oracle, it is designed to be cluttered and contemplative. Every link is randomized to its own set of divinations so that it will make a difference where you click. When you find an object or a spot that speaks to you, click on the closest highlighted area and a divination will appear. Often times you will receive a message that needs further clarification. If so, focus on what you would like clarified and try again.

Remember that even if you receive a message that doesn't seem to fit your situation, there is often some sort of message in there that you can learn from. It is worth looking to see where the relevance is, rather than dismissing it entirely.

Use the oracle however you would like, although keep in mind that like all methods of divination, obsessive repeated queries, excessive searching by repeatedly clicking on links, and other types of overuse will obfuscate a process that is designed for quiet insight and contemplation.

about the oracle

The oracle is primarily an evolving interactive art project created by the San Francisco based, narrative artist, Abigail Lee Goldberger. I saw it fully formed in a dream one night and have been slowly working on it as a side project since then. I make no claims to have any special insight or answers. All of the divinations on this site are derived from a variety of sources, primarily from interpretations of tarot cards but also including among other things, astrology, american buddhist ideas, interesting quotes, and interviews with interesting people.

Although I do believe that when we take time to ask questions of ourselves and the world, we are often given answers, I do not advocate that any action should be taken based on the advice randomly generated on this site.

The divinations on this site tend towards the positive even when they may point to a hard time. If you do get a divination that upsets you, please remember that the purpose of receiving guidance is to help you better understand what you are dealing with and to use that understanding to find ways to accept and move forward.

Please do not take any divination that may point to hardship, as conclusive evidence that something bad will happen in your life. Your divination is simply one of many randomly generated divinations and it is really up to you to decide if it is helpful or not.

The artwork: The artwork on this site consists mostly of a series of 32 in. x 40 in. mixed media collages using watercolor, pen and ink, manipulated photographs, found media, and ornamental paper. Portions of some of the collages have been digitally enhanced and the site also contains digitally manipulated photographs.


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All other inquiries should contact me here.

Thank you for visiting the oracle. It is an evolving project and will continue to expand over time. Come back again!

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